Anchoring Clinic $150  


You will get a hands on experience with the following:

  • The features of a secure anchorage
  • The holding characteristics of commonly used anchors
  • Suitable rode makeup and handling
  • Scope requirements when anchoring for lunch, overnight and rough weather
  • Immediate action to be taken for the dragging anchor
  • Set a anchor under power in water more than 3 meters in depth so as not drag when tested under engine power at half-throttle astern
  • Raise anchor with boat ready and get under way
  • Hoist the basic sails while at anchor
  • Lower sail while at anchor

The clinic comprises approximately 6 hours (10am 4pm) , of which 1 hour is in a classroom setting,
with the balance "on the water".

Course fee $150.00 (printouts included)