Man Overboard Clinic $100  

You will learn the actions/commands while under sail from the time a member of the crew
falls overboard without warning until the crew is safely recovered. Consider the crew
overboard wearing a PFD and able to assist him/herself. Include the following minimum actions:

  • Sound alarm “Crew Overboard”
  • Deploy marker and buoyant object(s)
  • Appoint and maintain a lookout
  • Triangle method of return under sail

You will learn methods of getting a person out of the water and back aboard.
Also you will learn the effects, treatment and prevention of hypothermia including:

  • The major areas of heat loss to the body,
  • Treatment for mild and severe hypothermia
  • Correct actions to be taken by a victim in cold water to increase survival time

The clinic comprises approximately 4 hours (10am 2pm) , of which 1 hour is in a classroom setting,
with the balance "on the water".

Course fee $100.00 (printouts included)